“Moving Day”- What to Expect:

Are you ready to move? Read about what to expect from your movers on “Moving Day”!

When you use a home-service, you are letting (more than likely) a couple of complete strangers into your home. This can be scary for anyone; whether you are a 6’5″ giant using a moving company for the first time, or a 5′ tall woman using a moving company for the 10th time. You are allowing a group of strangers (given they are a business) into your home to move all of your most personal belongings. It’s okay to be a little nervous. 

There are a plethora of moving horror stories, but also many great ones. As moving furniture is an extremely strenuous job, movers, more often than not, tend to have an intimidating appearance upon first glance. But my biggest tip (and I’m going to use a cliche here) is to never judge a book by it’s cover. I’ve seen some of the scariest looking movers have hearts bigger than you’d imagine.

Take our crew (pictured above) for example. At first glance some of these guys may be a little scary looking. But, remember, these guys are here to do one thing- get you moved into your new home as efficiently and safely as possible. Have some faith in your movers, and be sure they are following the proper moving process! There is one universal method in which “moving day” is completed:

  1. Packing all of your belongings into boxes. (Usually done by the customer in the days leading up to “move day” to save both time and money.)
  2. Your furniture is then loaded onto the truck. During this process, the movers will wrap your items in furniture blankets to maximize their protection during transit.
  3. Drive to your new home! (Whether it be a mile away, or across the state.)
  4. Unload your belongings into your new home. It is important to be attentive and alert during this process. Be sure to instruct and guide your movers as to where you would like to have your furniture and boxes placed. Use the muscle while it’s there!

Every move is different but here are a few tips to ensure that moving day goes as smooth as possible:

  • Have water! It is hot outside! Remember to stay hydrated and keep your movers hydrated too! Everyone works better with water in their system!
  • Be Prepared. This one is self explanatory. Remember, more often than not, you are going to be paying your movers by the hour. With this in mind, it is very beneficial to have all of your boxes packed into closed-top, stack-able boxes. This eliminates the movers having to make 100 trips to the truck and back with a bunch of small items. (Which saves time, and money!)
  • Decide on a method of payment  before “Moving Day”. Ask the company you are using what forms of payment they accept prior to the move. A lot of times companies will offer a discount for paying in cash, so be sure to find this out so that you can be sure to have the cash ready, and not needing to run to the ATM while the guys are on the clock.
  • Provide your movers with any gate codes and additional information needed to find your home. This will allow for a prompt arrival and delivery.
  • Be clean. It’s “moving day” and your movers understand that. Your place will by no means be “clean”. What I mean by “be clean” is to be sure to have all large pieces of furniture free from small items sitting on top and fragile items in drawers. This will allow for a much more efficient process in loading the truck, as the movers can come in the house and grab any piece they want, at any time, and not have to worry about waiting for it to be cleared off first.
  • RELAX! Remember, these guys do this every day, so they are going to be able to guide you through the process. You hired professional movers for a reason, right?


Be sure to check back regularly for more moving tips and insider info from the guys at Dignity Moving!

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Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!


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