What type of moving company are you looking for?

Yes. There are different types of moving companies.. but for good reasons! As you’ve heard me say before, and you’ll hear me say many times again; every move is different. On one hand you have Pamela who is moving from Scottsdale, Arizona to New York, New York, and on the other hand you have Jerry moving from Mesa, Arizona to a new apartment complex a mile down the road in the same zip code. Are these two people going to use the same moving company, or even the same type of moving company? Of course not, because Jerry (more than likely) will be paying 3-5 times what he should (using the same company as Pamela). When, in reality, Jerry can get the same service from a local moving company rather than a Van Line for much cheaper. This is where different types of moving companies become beneficial to the customer.

Local moving refers to any move within the same state. More times then not, the two locations are relatively close to each other. (30 min drive max) Occasionally you have clients looking to move across the state. Due to the amount of drive time and fuel involved in these types of moves, they have a unique name: Short-Haul Local Moving (which are also usually priced differently). These types of moves are best suited for your local family-owned moving company. Going this direction will save you a lot of money, and there are a ton of them. Be sure to read all of a companies’ online reviews before ever hiring a service provider!

Long Distance Moving is essentially just as it states: any time you are crossing state lines in a moving truck, it is considered long distance, or Interstate Moving. There are a few ways of completing this inevitably costly and stressful task:

-Hire a Van Lines. These guys will come in, professionally pack all of your items into boxes, load their truck, drive it to your new home, place your items where you would like them, and even unpack your items for you! As all of this sounds wonderful.. Van Lines come with a hefty price tag. But hey, this is a luxury, so if you have the money, this is the best route to go.

-Order a portable storage container and hire movers to load and unload your belongings for you.

-Rent a moving truck and hire movers to load and unload your belongings for you.

In addition to local, short-haul, and long distance moves; there are commercial moves, furniture shifting, and even single-piece furniture delivery; but these are something we will get into more detail about later.

The first question you must ask yourself before deciding on the perfect moving company for you and your family is: “How far will I be moving?”



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