Storage: Indoor vs Outdoor Units?

Curious what type of storage is right for your belongings? Hear are some tips from the Pros!

Do I need an indoor, climate-controlled storage unit? Or is it safe to store my belongings in a traditional outdoor storage unit ? To answer those questions, you must first look at a few key factors.

One of the biggest questions that I receive from my customers is: “Do you have a storage place that you would recommend?”. That is a difficult question to answer and there is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. The three most important factors you must determine when selecting the appropriate storage for your belongings are your budget, the length of time/ time of year that your belongings will be in storage, and the amount of access you need to your belongings prior to moving them into your new home.


When considering your budget for storage, you must also factor in the costs of hiring professional movers – that is unless you plan to move yourself (which there are a few budget friendly options we will discuss later). If you are considering an indoor unit, you want to try to get one on the first floor, as close to where your movers will be unloading their truck as possible. This will greatly reduce the time it will take your movers to move you into your storage unit (compared to having to haul your items up an elevator and down a long hallway). With an outdoor unit, the movers’ walk is eliminated entirely, thus dramatically saving time on the unload of your belongings (and saving you money). A third option to consider when looking into storage options is the idea of portable storage units. There are companies out there (such as PODS, Pack Rat, etc.) that will actually deliver a portable storage container right to your driveway (or apartment parking lot). While I am not sure what these containers cost (as far as delivery and storage), it is a very smart route to look into as you would not have to pay movers for a full service move. You would just hire them for “Labor-Only” moving services to load/unload your container for you (to ensure maximum safety during transportation). All-in-all, you want to make the move as simple as possible for your movers because this will cause your move to go quickly, resulting in the smallest bill possible (as most local movers are paid by the hour).

Length of time in storage

The next factor is pretty simple, especially if you live in Arizona. As a professional mover, I do not recommend leaving anything of value (such as expensive furniture and electronics) in an outdoor unit during the summer months, especially in Arizona! Any other time of the year should be fine in an outdoor unit, but keep in mind seasonal weather patterns in your area and plan accordingly. In my opinion, it is always safer to go with an indoor unit, but most of the time budget restrictions will not permit this.

Amount of access to your belongings 

Our last factor is the most important factor in determining whether or not portable storage containers are a viable option for you. If you are going to need any sort of access to your belongings during the duration of your items being in storage, I do not recommend using a portable storage container as it will be stored in a place you will not have access to until it is delivered to your new home. With traditional indoor and outdoor units, the items will not be moved during the duration of storage. This allows the possibility of your movers placing your items into your unit in such a way that you are able to access specific items while your belongings are in storage (such as clothes, TVs, or important documents). The amount of access you will need to your belongings during the duration of their storage is an important factor in determining the appropriate form of storage for you.

You should have a better idea of the type of storage that is right for you after taking these three key factors into consideration.

Please email me with any additional questions on what type of storage unit is right for you!

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Until next time,

Daniel Savage– Owner of Dignity Moving, LLC



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