Read Your Mover’s Online Reviews!

Reading a company’s online reviews is crucial when selecting a service provider.

Before you spend your hard-earned money on anything in this day and age; read the online reviews! This is especially important when hiring a moving company. They are handling your life-long belongings, of course. Continue reading “Read Your Mover’s Online Reviews!”

“Moving Day”- What to Expect:

Are you ready to move? Read about what to expect from your movers on “Moving Day”!

When you use a home-service, you are letting (more than likely) a couple of complete strangers into your home. This can be scary for anyone; whether you are a 6’5″ giant using a moving company for the first time, or a 5′ tall woman using a moving company for the 10th time. You are allowing a group of strangers (given they are a business) into your home to move all of your most personal belongings. It’s okay to be a little nervous.  Continue reading ““Moving Day”- What to Expect:”

Welcome to The Official Blog of Dignity Moving, LLC!

Your home for everything related to Moving!

My name is Daniel Savage. I own and operate a small local moving company in Tempe, Arizona: Dignity Moving, LLC. I have been in the moving industry for over a decade and have moved every type of client from studio apartments & mansions to small offices & corporation relocation. I have done and seen it all, but with moving (similar to other industries) you see something new everyday.

The reason behind this blog is to help prepare our customers (and everyone else) for the inevitably stressful events before, during & after “move day”. From figuring out where to find boxes to unpacking that last piece of china; our goal is to walk you through every step of the process and (hopefully) take some stress off of your chest. Well.. at least as far as “moving day” goes!